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Our Story

Our Founder

Virgo Beauty began out of necessity. In early 2020, my mother went to the doctor complaining of some mild health issues. They told her that her health problems were most likely linked to the personal care products that she was using. She threw away all of her products, and asked me to help her find clean, natural products that don't contain the chemicals that were making her sick.

It was easy to find natural products like soaps and lotions without harmful chemicals, but it was a challenge to find hair care products that worked well and didn't contain damaging chemicals. I did a lot of research, and I found that black women's hair products contain significantly more toxins than products marketed towards non-black women. I decided to formulate products that black women could trust wouldn't make them sick or contribute to health problems. I founded Virgo Beauty in the spring of 2020 with the goal of providing black women with a healthy haircare option. 

In addition to formulating without harsh ingredients, I wanted to create beautiful products that make black women look forward to doing their natural hair. As black women, hair is such an important part of our daily lives and takes up so much of our time. I believe that our hair care should reflect that. Hair care is self care. I founded Virgo Beauty with the intention of changing how black women view their natural hair. At Virgo Beauty, we create products that make caring for your natural hair a luxurious self care experience.